Frequently Asked Questions When do we start? The show will start around 7pm... If we start late, don't bitch or whine because we will send your ass to the back of the line. We will open the doors when we're ready ... When do we sell the last ticket? 15 minutes before closing lime. You have to be 13 and older to enter. Children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Yes we Touch!!! No we will not stop touching you... If you bitch we touch even more. We do not intentionally grope people. We are trained professionals that are doing our job to scare the hell out of you. Can you get hurt? UNLIKELY! but it's possible... Especially if you're stupid. So... "DON'T BE STUPID!" Refunds? HELL NO... No we don't replace torn clothes! Don't wear nice shit... Yes, you might get blood on you. Bloody Good! If it's raining, we are open... It's Oregon people... No, we wont stop the show to look for lost shit... You can inquire after the show. Bring $, we sell merchandise and have a beer garden. We take cards and cash. This year, we are one Big CarnEvil... If you don't like clowns then you're screwed.. Buhahahaha!!! We push the envelope every year... So, if last year was too intense for you, you sure as hell won't make it through this year! WE ARE THE HOUSE OF SHADOWS... BITCHES!!!